Pizza Land Delivers as Avon’s Favorite Pizzeria


AVON – The results of the's poll are in and pizza lovers have spoken. Pizza Land is by far the favorite pizza merchant in Avon. Pizza Land led the pack with a king-sized slice of 44.3% of the voters. "Well of course we won, it's just like our motto says," said Todd Paddon, manager of Pizza Land. "We're the best pizza anywhere!" Also in the running were Livingston County Pizza Co., with 21.6%; Salvatore's Pizzeria, with … [Read more...]

Mount Morris Bad Boy Injured Deputy Before Manhunt Ensued

A State Police helicopter assists in the search. (Photo/Conrad Baker)

MOUNT MORRIS – The hunt continues for Richard 'Boo' Henry, a local man who is known for fleeing law enforcement, after he resisted arrest and injured a Livingston County Sheriff's Deputy who was trying to take him into custody at about 7 a.m. on Friday. Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty said in a brief press conference near the 1 1/2 mile search area including Rte. 36 and Presbyterian Road that the morning began as a routine operation … [Read more...]

All Out Manhunt for Richard ‘Boo’ Henry After Fleeing Authorities


MOUNT MORRIS — A confirmed manhunt is underway in Mount Morris for a parolee, Richard 'Boo' Henry, who had served  over 3 years in state prison for attempted burglary. According to New York State records, Richard 'Boo' Henry served at least 3 years at the Wyoming County State Prison facility for attempted burglary 2nd and released on parole this past January. Livingston County  and New York State Police SWAT teams are participating in the … [Read more...]

Manhunt in Mount Morris for Parolee


MOUNT MORRIS — A confirmed manhunt is underway in Mount Morris. Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty confirmed the search is taking place as a significant law enforcement presence is in the area of Rte. 36 and Presbyterian Road. Livingston County  and New York State Police SWAT teams are participating in the search along with numerous K9 units. According to sources the search started early this morning. Apparently the person that … [Read more...]

Stolen ‘Treaty of the Big Tree’ Sign Returned and Restored in Geneseo

(Photo/Tevye Sherline)

GENESEO – The solid cast iorn sign that commemorates one of the most historic land purchases in New York State history will be restored to its former glory early next week after a long disappearance. Charles 'Dutch' Van Ry, who is taking on the project, says that the original sign was set up in 1948 on Mary Jemison Drive to commemorate the signing of the 'Treaty of the Big Tree,' which transferred some 36,000 to 37,000 acres of land west of … [Read more...]

Geneseo Residents Battled Kelly’s Fire with Garden Hose

Geneseo Fire Chief Andrew Chanler inspecting the damage. (Photo/ Josh Williams)

GENESEO – Two local residents who first saw and reported the fire that tragically destroyed Kelly's Saloon on Wednesday made valiant efforts to fight the flames with everything they had until they were overwhelmed by smoke. Matt Griffo says that he originally saw the smoke, called 911, and arrived at the scene with Don Livingston to find the back door of Kelly's completely engulfed in black smoke. "I was coming home when I saw the billowing … [Read more...]

POLL RESULTS: Merging of School Districts a Resounding ‘Yes’


SUNROOM — The conducted an online survey of our readers regarding the hot topic of wether or not school districts should merge, and a resounding 76% of our readers said 'yes.' We asked, "Do you feel that financially stressed school districts should merge?" YES: 76.3% /45 VOTES NO: 20.3 %/ 12 VOTES DON'T CARE: 3.4% / 2 VOTES A total of 59 readers participated in the vote. Dansville Central School had a feasibility … [Read more...]

SUNY Geneseo Throws Lifeline to Students Displaced by Kelly’s Fire

(Photo/Josh Williams)

GENESEO – SUNY Geneseo is offering housing and possible emergency funds for displaced student residents who lost their possessions and places to live along with Kelly's Saloon in Wednesday's fire. SUNY Geneseo is spreading the word about their GoFundMe page to raise money for the students, where they ask the community and alumns to donate what they think the cost of their next drink at Kelly's would have been. "This fundraiser asks that … [Read more...]

Fleeing Ossian Sex Offender Apprehended in Buffalo

073015Richards Caught

LIVINGSTON COUNTY — An Ossian sex offender who has been on the run from multiple counties' law enforcement was arrested on Wednesday after community tipsters pointed the Livingston County Sheriff's Office to where he was laying low in Buffalo. According to a press release from Sheriff Thomas Dougherty, Daniel Richards, 53, was arrested for Failure to Report a Change of Address as a Sex Offender on Wednesday. Deputies conducted their monthly … [Read more...]

Kelly’s Building to be Rebuilt from the Bottom Up

The back of Kelly's. (Photo/Conrad Baker)

GENESEO – The building containing Kelly's Saloon and Honey Girl's Gourmet is to be torn down and rebuilt from the bottom up after Wednesday's devastating fire, local sources tell the The fire tore through 71 to 73 Main Street after it was reported at about 3:45 p.m. on Wednesday. Firefighters said that the blaze had likely been burning for some time before neighbors noticed smoke and called 911. A GoFundme page has already … [Read more...]