EXCLUSIVE: Homemade wrestlmania video ID’s Springwater thug

02 Aug, 2013 - JOSH WILLIAMS

LIVINGSTON COUNTY — One of the three men charged with the armed robbery and imprisonment of a 70-year-old Springwater man was apprehended as a result of the shoes he allegedly wore on the eve of the robbery, which he also wore while filming a homemade movie style wrestling match.

Joseph Machado, 23, made a court appearance with his lawyer, Dan Magill, wearing a prison jump suit and sneakers – not the outfit that included the thing that helped the victim identify him as one of his attackers, his bright orange sneakers.

According to Victor Rowcliffe, Livingston County First Assistant District Attorney,  back in May Machado and his pals filmed a WWF-style wrestling video, wearing extremely unique clothing, with Machado wearing bright orange costume-like sneakers.  He was allegedly wearing those sneakers the night of the robbery, a factor that helped the victim identify the WWF hopeful.

The case is adjourned until August 22nd so that Magill can review the video evidence.

Machado was arrested with Kyle Witthoft 21, and Alan Fick, 36 who were also charged with the robbery. The truck stolen in the robbery was later dumped in the Erie Canal.

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