Geneseo Airshow Takes Flight with Father and Son Stunt Team

13 Jul, 2013 - reporters

Photo: Leah SheaGENESEO — Father and son stunt flyers leave the spectators in awe of their formation aerobatics at the Geneseo Airshow Saturday July 13.

Andrew and Eric Boyd hail from Ottawa, Canada, and participate in the Geneseo Airshow every year.

“The airshow committee frowns upon issuing pilot licenses to teenagers but I was an exception,” said Eric Boyd.

Eric Boyd is currently 20 years of age and has had his pilot license for six years.

“Eric has been in planes since he was six months old,” said Andrew Boyd, Father of Eric.

Andrew and Eric Boyd are the opening act for the Geneseo Airshow for July 13 and 14.

“My father and myself have been participating in the Geneseo Airshow for ten years, but my father is retired and so my son will be taking his place,” said Andrew Boyd.

The planes that the Boyd’s fly were designed by Curtis Pitts. It is worth noting that the Boyd’s are the only pilots doing formation aerobatics at the Geneseo Airshow this year.

“The visuals are awesome, it’s a lot of hard work, and you never ever get it perfectly right,” said Andrew Boyd.

Andrew and Eric Boyd also fly in Central America.

“It’s a bit of a flight but there are no laws there,” said Andrew Boyd.

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