HFL Class of 2012 graduates to walk Saturday

22 Jun, 2012 - reporters

HONEOYE FALLS — The Honeoye Falls-Lima High School will celebrate graduation, Saturday, with a 2012 graduating class of 218 students.

The ceremony will begin with a performance from the High School Brass Ensemble, followed by a welcome from Principal David Roth. Valedictorian Ruth Steinke will give her address following the welcome.

Steinke has excelled as a naturally gifted student. She has taken the most difficult and demanding courses the school has had to offer and had the ability to master them all, according to the HFL high school awards night. She has an appetite for knowledge, which is fed through her competitive drive to push herself, and led to a perfect 800 on both the verbal and writing sections of the SATs.

Steinke is a natural born leader, becoming President of the HFL chapter of the National Honor Society this year. She is also active in volunteering, self-funding two mission trips to Morelia, Mexico to serve those in need in the area. She will attend Carleton College in the Fall.

Salutatorian Benjamin Zauski will give his address following Stainke’s.

Zauski has stood out, through his abilities as an athlete, musician, and as a student, according to the Awards Night presentation. He has participated in seven Advanced Placement courses at the school, as well as the newest college level course through Cambridge Pre-University: Global Perspectives. He also has a passion and natural gift for math. As a musician, Zauski has excelled at trumpet, acting as lead trumpet in both the wind ensemble and jazz band. An avid athlete, he has been the varsity soccer goalie and participated on the varsity basketball team. A natural with children, he was part of the Big Brother/Big Sister Program, and is also a life guard at the YMCA where he teaches swim lessons. In the Fall, Zauski will attend Bowling Green State University, to which he received their most competitive scholarship.Zauski address will be followed by a speech from Senior Class President Jake Barkin, and the High School Senior Chorus will perform a “Medley from Rent.”

The High School Brass Ensemble will finish the ceremony, following the presentation of the 218 diploma’s, with a song titled “Washington Post.”

The HFL graduation class of 2012 is:
Claire Adams                 
Nicole Adams                                  
Theodore Alfieri                           
Matthew Allen
Kaitlyn Altamura
Adam Antalek                                
David Argaman                                  
Corynne Augustine
Robyn Avery
Naomi Bagwell
Heidi Bailey
Maya Balcerak
Jacob Barkin
Hanna Barnes
Courtney Bearce
Cody Bears
Emily Beikirch
Brendan Belden
Kathryn Bell
Brieana Benedict
Nicholas Beniamino
Emily Benware
Sarah Berry
Brenda Blain
Joshua  Bock  
Jason Boike
Kelsey Borden
Cassandra Bowen
Madison Bracaglia
Jennifer Breau
Chelsea Briglin
Joseph Brunett
Courtney Budynas
Mona Burgess-Lee
Ryan Button
Anna Calzone
Stephanie Carter
Sinia Cathey  
Ashley Chamberlain
Carly Chapman
Chase Childers
Jessica Chung
Tori Clark
Ella Cobb
Edward  Colosky
Alexa Considine
Timothy Copeland
Jared Cordon
Joshua  Cordon
Shannon Costello
Leah Cummings
Anthony Cunningham
Joseph D’Agostino
Joseph Davidowicz
Nicole Derby
Grant Dever
Christina Dombrowski
David Donatello
Brooke  Downer
Tyler Dundas
Brad Eckert
Katherine Engel
Davin Eshelman
Samuel Evans
Carly Fallon
Steven Farmer
Julian Fischl
John Fisher
Tyler Frederick
Vincent  Gerringer
Kevin Gillette
Alexandra Gilligan
Quinn Gleason
Champagne Goodrum
Nicholas Goodwin
Rachel Gordon
Adam Gray
David Greening
Sofus  Greni
Dana Gretton
Alexander Grey
Tyler Grillo
Deborah Grout
Lydia Guthrie
Christian Haddock
Katherine Hall
Grant Halleran
Morgan Holsopple
Ian Holtby
Adam Hopkins
Katherine Hopkins
Kelsey Hurley
Nickolas Izzo
Ian Jackson
Chad Jason
Federico Jensen
Jaddua  Johnston
Brianne Kaufman
Kevin Kershner
Thomas Knowlton
Justin  Koch
Samuel  Kramer
Cassidy  Kuhn
Alexandria  L’Esperance
Nicole Lakey
Peter Landry
Ashton Lang
Alinda Lawrence
Elizabeth Lenz
Emily Leonard
Jessica Lesczynski
Nathan  Less
Justin  Lewis
Jiuru Li
Macrobian Liu
Kyle Lucas
Thomas  Lyon
Brian Mansfield
Tegan Mansouri
Daniel Martin
Chase Mastro
Angus  McCrumb
Margaret McGrane
Brian McLaughlin
Jesse Merdak
Claire  Michaud
Lheiren  Milanette
Nicholas Militello
Katrina Miner
Michael Miner
Gabrielle Morey
Miranda Mosher
Michael Naber
Peter Newman
Keanan O’Brien
Sandra Olesik
Sarah Ornstein
Daniel Ortenzi
Nicholas Otto
Richard Palmer
Christopher  Papalia
Joseph Percy
Colin Peters
Tyler Peterson
Jasmin Picariello
Cody Plourde
Maxwell Pownall
Paige Ptucha
Sean Quinlivan
Patrick Raffaelle
Nicholas Ranelli
Amanda Ratchford
Jesse Reichenstein
Drew Richard
Jeffrey Richter
Austin Rivard
Cooper Roach
Alexander Roberts
Benjamin Rogers
Hailey Roth
Emily Rowlands
Justin Rowlands
Rachel Rowlands
Hannah Santini
Sage Sarkis
Morgan  Schirmer
Michael Schreiber
Cameron Scott
Timothy Segrue
Justin Sellman
Jill Shafer
Sydney Shaffer
Stephanie Shepland
Colby Shuler
Madeline Silverman
Andrea Simmons
Kyle Smith
Morgan Smith
Molly Sotak
Joelle Spencer
Greggory Steiner
Ruth Steinke
Elliott  Stephany
Zakarie Stevens
Sarah Stratton
Summer Stratton
Dylan Swetman
Drew Tallon
Morgan Tantillo
Trista Teed
Zachary Terwilliger
Patrick Thompson
Nicole Tondryk
Lauren Tracey
Emma Trindel
Jason Trinidad
Caroline Vaczy
Martha VanBork
Ryan VanVoorhis
Alexis VanWinkle
Jack Visco
Corey  Ward
Jeffrey  Wehs
John Weldon
Katherine  West
Daniel Wicker
Parker Wild
Trevor Wilkes
Paige Williams
Tanner Williams
Robin Willick
Peter Willis
Emily Winans
Kendra Worley
Dylan Yorks
Tilaina Yu
Kristine Zambrana
Benjamin Zauski

Congratulations HFL class of 2012 from the Genesee Sun!

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